Tips When Choosing Stain Colors

Choosing the wood type is only part of the process when ordering custom furniture.  Complimenting those beautiful grain patterns with the perfect stain is an equally important step. Each wood type will absorb and showcase stain colors differently, but each are designed to enhance the beauty of the wood.

Stains, Paints and More

We offer a wide variety of stain colors from natural (which is just a top coat applied to the natural wood) to stains as dark as ebony (which is almost black).  Or you can choose from a wide selection of paint colors to either pair with the stains for a two-tone look or to use on the entire piece.

In addition to our stains and paints, you can also add specialty finishing techniques for an even more customized look.  We have everything from rub-through, matte sheen, glazes and more.

Selecting that Perfect Color

How do you know what stain or paint will work in your home?  We recommend looking at the room overall.

  • Look at the color tones in your room.  Consider the wall color, flooring, light sources, other furnishings, area rug, etc.
  • Do you want your new dining table to be the focal point or blend in?
  • Do the tones have cool undertones or warm?
  • Are you trying to achieve a more formal or relaxed look?

Finding Your Style

If you are trying to achieve a more contemporary look, you could choose a natural finish or a darker stain like Rich Tobacco or Ebony.  If your home is more traditional, one of the reddish or red-brown stains just may be the perfect compliment.

Or maybe your style tends to be more eclectic, so you could try staining the table a medium toned brown stain with chairs in a complimenting lighter or darker stain.

For a Chic look, you could paint the base of the table a warm white and stain the top of the table a light to medium tone brown. Do the same two-tone technique to your chairs to complete the look.

Since most of our furniture is made to order, you have the ability to have your order finished exactly as you’d like. With each variation, your dining set begins to take on a little more of your style until the end result is a perfectly chosen piece that will look just right in your home.  What will your dining set look like?

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