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Rustic Cement Light


Combining materials together in a  blend of earth and fire is a creative way of adding atmospheric lighting and stunning decor to any room. This light fixture uses vintage-looking bulbs to cast a warm glow while creating a conversation piece at the same time.

Note: Rustic Cement Light can be tailor-made to a specific size and bulb type.  (Quote required)

Rustic Coffee Table


Using new lumber which is aged to look more rustic, this solid furniture is a gorgeous addition to any living room. Simplistic design with statement-making embellishments, this coffee table will accentuate any type of decor style from country to modern.

Note: The Rustic Wood Coffee Table can be tailor-made to a specific size (quote required).


Rustic Reclaimed Desk Organizer

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Rustic Wood Desk Organizer
Designed for function, beauty and artistry, this solid wood piece is like no other with its use of reclaimed material along with the ability to customize it with your own unique personalization. The preserved aspects of the original state of the wood and the hand stained touch gives this piece its impressive rustic, vintage look.

Rustic Reclaimed Hallway Table


Accent your hallway or living room with this console table. Made with reclaimed wood, it can be used as an entry table or sofa table. It both practical and decorative at the same time.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table


One of our best sellers, this adorable coffee table utilizes wood that has been around the block a time or two. Environmentally conscious and decoratively flexible, this piece can be dressed up or down to suit any style from shabby chic to modern-rustic.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Light


Rustic Reclaimed Wood Table Lamp
Designed after the turn of the 20th century Edison light bulb, this unique lamp provides a very warm yellow glow while making a beautiful statement on your desk or end table. As with all of our pieces, reclaimed wood in all of its original glory is the foundation of this vintage themed lamp. The solid wood block, custom stain, bulb, switch and cord all contribute to the antique-look and provide cozy, ambient atmospheric lighting.

Rustic Storage Crate


Rustic Storage Crate
Designed after the early 1900’s crates used in the apple orchards, this crate looks and feels authentic. Using reclaimed wood, complete with all of its original beauty (imperfections) intact, each piece is as unique and rustic as it gets. Store your blankets, baby toys, records, books or even use them as shelves. As with all of our items, storage crates may be personalized to suit your needs.

Rustic Wood Chandelier


An artisanal design which blends rustic and vintage together in a hanging light fixture. This piece will compliment any style in any room from an entryway to a kitchen or bathroom.

Note: Rustic Wood Chandelier can be tailor-made to a specific size and bulb type. (Quote required)

Rustic Wood Tray


Custom made to the size that best suits your needs. Add a message or quote to the serving tray and it can be both functional and decorative at the same time. Made from reclaimed wood.